Career Workshops

Our goal is to provide a workshop experience that is human-centred and produces career confidence and a career plan for every individual. These workshops are broken into the following categories.

Networking & Building Positive Social Connections

  • LinkedIn
  • Developing a Personal Pitch
  • Developing Networking Strategies

Interviews & Communicating with Confidence

  • General Questions
  • Behavioural Questions
  • Presentation Skills

Self Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

  • Values & Gratitude
  • Self Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence

Proactive Job Hunting

  • Resume Design & Development
  • Cover Letters
  • Key Selection Criteria
  • Job Search

These workshops are designed to work in cooperation with institutes and can be delivered through funding agreements and working alongside the university careers team.


International Student Focussed Workshops

These workshops have everything you need when adjusting to a new city and kickstarting your career. We focus on a blend of skills and attributes both socially, culturally and professionally that will help you make a successful transition into the next phase of your life.

Professional Development Workshops

These workshops are designed to assist educators in having career conversations with students and or staff. We focus on sharing tools, best practice, coaching techniques and more to ensure that each student or employee can progress their career and design something that has meaning for them.

What have institutes said about our programs?

“Melbourne Polytechnic is privileged to have Tyson Day and Dan Lunardi from Arrive & Thrive to be part of our suite of Career Ready programs. Through the series of workshops, I can see how the power of effective coaching inspires greater performance and potential amongst our international and domestic students. Both Tyson and Dan were good at leading, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone. They were engaging, motivating and encouraging. With their Human Centred Design approach, they helped the individuals reflect on where they are in their career journeys and build upon what they have already gained through their diverse life experiences. Tyson and Dan also provided practical hand-outs and takeaways for all participants of the workshops. I highly recommend Arrive & Thrive Career Development programs.” – Melbourne Polytechnic


“Energetic and engaging. A great balance of theory with an opportunity for participants to practise the activities” – Kent Institute


“Friendly, engaging, knowledgeable and up to date…. Everything that RISL requested was delivered professionally and positively. After the “Networking like a boss” session, our students now have a sound understanding of networking and are becoming comfortable holding professional conversations.” – Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership

What have participants said about our workshops?

  • “Well worth your time, if this workshop becomes available again I will definitely attend again”
  • “ Very helpful. Many light bulb moments”
  • “I really enjoy the workshop and learnt heaps”
  • “This event is very informative in terms of getting your career started”
  • “A must-attend!”