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Thoughts on how to make the most out of your career

How to choose the right career?

We’ve all been there. Choosing the right career move can be a daunting experience not only for young people but also established professionals.

A schedule to use when job hunting

Job hunting can be an exhausting experience for the most upbeat high energy individuals. Time and time again, the main challenge I see with clients (no matter their experience) is their time management and being reactive in their approach compared to proactive.

Dealing with uncertainty in your career

No matter your age, no matter your occupation and no matter your industry. At some stage, you will find yourself facing uncertainty and an unclear future in your role and career.

Building a resume that lands you a job

Resumes are like cakes, there are many different recipes and ways to make one, but finding the right one for your industry and the hiring managers taste is the hard part. 

Take a GAP Year in 2021, perhaps wait…

In the past I personally have always been a big fan of GAP years, the opportunity to try multiple jobs as a causal, part-timer or full-time employee gives you an understanding of what you like and don't like in work and this process is extremely valuable.

Career direction & mental health after high school

Being Mental Health Month (October) I thought I would put together an article that I had been thinking about for some time around the mental health impacts of finding direction after high school and introducing a strategy that I feel is missed.

How to re-engage with your career

After a disturbance or an interruption in your career, it can be hard to get 'back on track'. I know for me that after six weeks of being a father as well as the impact of COVID-19, my sense of balance has run off course.