Career Resources

Helping your young person

We have developed this guide to help parents and carers understand Morrisby and use it as apart of career conversations at home. We have placed in questions that we use in sessions and resources that we feel should be focussed on in Morrisby.

Values assessment

When making any transition, you want to ensure that you have value alignment, which means that the transition that you are making, brings you closer to living out your values compared to pushing them away.

Informational interviews

The act of talking to someone who works in a role or course that you like and or admire, generally over coffee! You aim is to learn their career story so you can apply what they have learnt to your own journey.

Developing your pitch

In this handout, you will learn how to develop a pitch that capture who you are and what your future aspirations are.

Career design principles

Everyone should have the right to design a career that has purpose and meaning for them.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile

This is a step by step guide on how to build a LinkedIn profile that allows you to build a network that helps you thrive and advance your career.