Career coaching and counselling

Whether you’re transitioning from high school to university, university to the workplace or at a turning point in your career, our career counselling sessions are individually tailored to the specific needs of each client.

High School Student Sessions

Choosing subjects, understanding pathways and using your Morrisby to your advantage can feel overwhelming! We are here to assist in understanding the steps leading to senior school and beyond.

We support high school students and parents across the following topics:

  • VCE subject selection
  • VTAC application support
  • Senior school transition & tertiary study transition
  • Understanding the Morrisby report

Tertiary Student Sessions

Transitioning from a student to a professional is a complicated and often daunting task. It is vital that young people are equipped with the necessary career management skills to navigate their way into the workforce.

We are here to help and support students by developing the following skills:

  • Building a professional network
  • Understanding industry requirements
  • Exploring employment options
  • Proactive job hunting
  • General career coaching


Professionals, Athletes & Executives’ Sessions

An individual will work on average 90,000 hours in a lifetime – we want to ensure they are enjoyable hours! We offer programs designed for established professionals, athletes and executives to make their next career move or step into a new leadership role.

Our coaching offers help and support across the following key areas:

  • Develop strategic networks & mentor relationships
  • Provide productivity & mindset coaching
  • Review LinkedIn profiles & online networking habits
  • Develop a custom career strategy that aligns with your values & purpose
  • General career coaching & counselling