Secondary school programs

Secondary School Programs

Our school programs are designed to support the school career services team, by delivering the appropriate assistance through workshops and presentations that foster self-discovery, career development and align with the school’s mission.

We have developed a suite of workshops that share concepts and tools allowing students to build a career and life that aligns with their interests, strengths and values.

These workshops cover the following categories and topics:

Career Education & Development

  • Networking & building connections
  • Career design & enterprise skills
  • Interviews & professional communication
  • Resumes & job applications

Morrisby Assessment Support

  • Understanding your Morrisby report (parents and students)
  • Using your Morrisby report for the future (students)

Life Design & Self Leadership

  • Understanding values & personal traits
  • Goal setting & productivity
  • Leadership & purpose development


School Career Podcast Creation

If you require further resources for your career department, we also assist in the creation of podcasts. Invite alumni from your school community to share their career journey and industry insights. Check out our latest podcast created in partnership with Mac Robertson Girls School and their Palladian community, titled Career Perspectives with Palladians. For further information including project costs, please contact us.

Online Learning Modules

We have developed online learning modules designed to be taken in the classroom or individually by students. Our current module is helping students to develop a personal pitch. This module is focussed on the Year 9 and 10 levels to help them with casual job interviews and work experience. The module takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. You can trial the module to see if it is appropriate for your student community by visiting

Read what schools have said about our programs!

‘Arrive and Thrive provided an engaging and interactive program that our students thoroughly enjoyed! The students also enjoyed ‘giving back’ 10% of the proceeds of the session to their chosen charity! We look forward to more Arrive & Thrive presentations in the future!’ – Caulfield Grammar

‘Great explanations of how the students can get the most out of the Morrisby online program.’ – St Catherine’s School

‘Loved the concept of creating the foundations for Year 12 and something we are striving to teach all of our senior school students for a successful transition.’ – Fitzroy High School

‘Great examples to show the students the importance of this information. The presenter used the right tone and language to keep the students interested. There were some great comments made by a few students about how relevant the networking message was.’ – Glen Waverley Secondary College

‘Tyson’s presentation to our year 10 group was engaging and stimulating. He pitched it at the right level and really connected with the students. Instilling value to others is a core component of Tyson’s presentation and role modelling this by donating back to a charity chosen by students is commendable.’ – Mentone Grammar

‘Tyson really struck a chord with our students! They were engaged straight away. The material was very relevant and presented in a manner that the students could relate to. Many students and teachers at the school commented that it was one of the best presentations they have had in a while!’ – Peninsula Grammar